About OSC Cross


OSC Cross garments are proudly manufactured in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Each garment is laboriously crafted by industry professionals who have been hand making premium down garments in Canada since 1985.


After years of creating extreme winter downwear, the makers of Outdoor Survival Canada realized something; while their coats continued to set the bar for quality Canadian-made downwear, it was too warm for common use in milder, urban environments. There was a void in the market for well-made, sportswear-inspired down coats for those who looked beyond style and demanded the same handmade quality required of Outdoor Survival Canada. And so, the OSC Cross line was born.

Since its establishment, the line has evolved into something more than just another downwear line. Created for the discerning individual who appreciates fine tailoring and a Canadian-made focus, OSC Cross is the result of three keystones: an appreciation for good design, decades of expertise in the industry, and of course, a commitment to our valued patrons. Like our sister brand Outdoor Survival Canada, OSC Cross benefits from a history of over 30 years of Canadian-made downwear experience. Needless to say, this is a sturdy testament to reliability. In fact, we are so confident in our workmanship that we guarantee it.

Combine this with classic modern cuts that come out of our design studio, and we are proud to bring you goods that are built to last.