About Us

Linens Delight offers some of Canada’s leading down product and bed linen, such as duvet covers, pillow, comforter etc.. Founded in 2013, customer satisfaction has always been our utmost priority. With extensive research and scrupulous attention to detail, our reputation has built on delivering comfort and quality to every one of our valuable customer

In our bed linen line-up, apart from fashionable collections and bedding sets, we pride ourselves on offering individual items with a wide selection of colours and patterns. Our partners' down products, which bring the ultimate comfort and warmth, are made with carefully selected materials and skilled craftsmanship. 

All our down products partners are proud and active member of the Down Association of Canada (DAC). DAC is a non-profit organization that focuses on maintaining quality standards for feather and down filled products.  Being a member of the DAC, our partners' products are certified to be of top quality.

At the same time, our down products' down are all certified suppliers of the RDS (Responsible Down Standard). The Responsible Down Standard safeguards the welfare of geese and ducks that provide down and feathers for the products we all love.