OSC/Cross Specs + Standards


Content: Goose & duck down blend
Loft Power: 650

All OSC Cross lightweight jackets and parkas are filled with a high-level proprietary blend of goose and duck down in accordance with North American standards. The down goes through a sanitizing process of being treated with an antibacterial agent to ensure the highest quality insulation is used in your garment.

The fill power (or Loft Power) is the measure of the "lofts". The down clusters and small feathers work to insulate by lofting up and trapping air which then reflects your body heat back onto you to keep you warm. It is important to note that the measure of the quality of a garment is not restricted to LP, but to other factors including fabrication and construction of the garment.


Down is a high-performance, natural by-product from duck and geese, and is well-known for its favorable warmth-to-weight insulation. Unlike feathers, down is the soft layer of fine filament clusters between the stiffer, exterior feathers of water fowl. The down fill of this garment is comprised of a proprietary blend of white goose and duck down, with a fill power of 650. As a down-filled product, this garment does not contain large feathers and not only adheres to, but exceeds the Canadian Standards for down-fill products.


All fabrics are custom-dyed and made for OSC Cross. Fabrics have been tested for durability and varying levels of weather and water resistance. 

  • C45 Legacy Fabric: Outer Shell fabric made of soft and durable cotton and nylon that offers wind and water resistant attributes. C45 Legacy Fabric is not waterproof. 
  • C22 Chill: Outer Shell fabric woven with a 85 poly/15 cotton mix of yarns. Finished with a waterproof coating to ensure protective attributes that include wind and stain resistance. 
  • Outback: Outer Shell fabric woven with a 85 poly/15 cotton mix of yarns. Finished with a “wax-like” coating which also make the fabric wind, water and stain resistant. This fabric will attract “crease” marks which add to the charm and natural aged look of the garment. 


We understand that everyone has their individual values when it comes to the use of fur and shearling trims, and our commitment is to offer outerwear to suit your individual wants and needs, including styles without trims. Our fur trim is Canadian Coyote sourced for its superior warmth capabilities and endurance. Sourcing Coyote fur from our home country of Canada assures high-standards of ethical practices and authenticity.

Our wool shearling is sheepskin from Uruguay and sourced from one of the oldest tannery warehouses in the Greater Toronto Area.


When it comes to the use of animal products, we understand that sanitation and animal welfare are important issues. The origins of our down (which is a by-product of waterfowl) have gone through regular and rigorous audits for down purity, factory cleanliness, and the internal traceability of down.

This traceability ensures that our original sources – from large-scale abattoirs to independent farmhouses –  have adhered to standards that protect both the welfare of the animal and assure the consumer of a quality product. Sources that procure down from live-plucking or foie-gras sourced origins are forbidden.